Written by Erik Anderson. Posted in Moderator

              affiliates: (Kniteforce Records/Ravers Only)
                     Genre: Uk Hardcore / Freeform
For almost the past two decades, Genki has been spreading the hardcore
sound across the US and beyond. His name has become synonamous with Hardcore music in
the genre, especially in the subgenre of Freeform music which he enjoys most. His highly energetic stage presence along with his driving track selection have 
made him a highly in demand dj for most of his career and earned him bookings at some of the biggest events in North America. However, it's his love for the underground that keeps his music
selection so fresh, rarely concerned with what is popular, but instead what both major and independent artists have to offer. He frequently plays rare and lesser known music, playing outside the box and
never allowing his shows to be predictable. Known for his relentless mixing style and for introducing Hardcore music in places where his style of music is usually not played, he continues
to push the music he loves to all corners of the globe. Since his beginnings in the mid 90's, he has never stopped playing Hardcore music, and has no intention whatsoever of stopping anytime soon.
From 1998-2003, Genki was the resident dj of The Abyss, Virginia's largest nightclub. He played to thousands each week, playing Hardcore music in an otherwise top 40 venue, eventually gaining a large following
and a great deal of respect for playing outside the box. He has also been the resident dj of The Ambush, the CandyBall events in NYC, and most recently at Bugatti's in Norfolk, Virginia where he has been the past 
4 years. During his dj career, he has kept a busy schedule, being booked to play numerous anime and gaming conventions, as well as both major and underground events. He was named Nekocon's 2013 Spin Cycle Champion, and
is a staple of his local EDM community helping run The Wave Rave events each month to give exposure to new and local djs. He also plays a weekly slot on Krafty Radio and various other internet radio stations. After meeting with fellow hardcore producer/dj Luna C and 
writing several songs together, he became a signed artist on Kniteforce Records. 
The future looks even brighter for this hard working dj as he plans to release an album later this year, and to use his resources to bring up a new generation of Hardcore artists and djs. He was recently qouted as saying "I simply want to awaken minds to things that challenge
their expectations, broaden their horizons, and give them drive to push themselves to the next level. In the process, I want to see new djs and producers get the recognition they deserve for their hard work, and not just advertise the big guys. This is
about all of us and a lot of talent isn't being heard". Now doing a podcast for Prime Studios, he hopes to show his audience the full spectrum of Hardcore music and give center stage to a new era of producers and music.