Top 5 Things to Do at a Music Festival

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Prime Studios trades kandi

The electronic dance music culture offers many types of shows, from small intimate venues to those that hold hundreds of thousands.  No matter what size event you attend here are fives things that you have to do at least once.

1.  Get a light show

     Most people associate people staring at lights with drugs, but that's not always the case.  Many glovers are simply artists that want to share their art with those around them.         Many people use gloves, but lights shows can also be performed with glow sticks and other light up things.  A good glover can blow your mind even if you are sober!  So next time   you go to a show take that person up on their offer.

2.  Trade kandi

    Kandi are the beaded bracelets that you see many people wearing at EDM events.  People make their own and bring it to events in order to trade and make a collection.  Even if you don't have any yet most people are more than will to give you some.  Kandi, in a way, represents Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR) and the act of trading shows this.  Make sure you ask someone how to trade properly too.

3.  Check out an artist you've never heard of before

    Lots of people go to festivals because of one artists or another and only for those artists.  Next time you go to a music festival be sure to stop by a different stage and see someone you've never heard of before.  You could hear your new favorite artist!

4.  Get a VIP ticket

    VIP tickets to music festivals often have extra perks such as special passes, free stuff, exclusive areas, and sometimes even goodie bags.  You still hear the same awesome EDM but you can see the show from a completely different perspective.  Even if you don't make it to festivals very often this is completely worth it.

5.  Meet new people

    One of the greatest things about EDM is that it brings people from across the globe together.  Next time you're at a show go talk to some new people and find out where they came from.  You'll have the chance to meet people from anywhere from the next town over to half way around the world.  The people at festivals are some of the friendliest you'll ever come across and chances are you'll have new life long friends.


What to do for Spring Break 2013

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Stumped on what to do for Sping Break 2013?  There are many awesome opportunities around the country for every EDM lover throughout the month of March, all across the USA.

Miami, FL

One of the most well known music festivals in the country is Ultra Music Festival (UMF) and it's accompanying Winter Music Conference (UMC).  This year Ultra has expanded to two weekends, the 14th-16th and 22nd-24th, with Winter Music Conference 2013 the 15th-24th.  The line up is the same both weekends, simplifying the the choice of when to attend,  If you go for one weekend, or both, you are sure to enjoy some of the best DJs in the world along with white beaches and awesome local food.  If you decide to go to UMC it offers even more events in club settings for a completely different vibe.


Los Angelos, CA

With several club events going on throughout the month there's never a bad time to visit.  The best weekend for EDM related Spring Break activities is the 15th-17th.  Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland festival will be held on the 16th two hours outside of LA in San Bernadino.  This Alice in Wonderland themed festival never fails to disappoint in either lineup and production.  Along with the festival there are dedicated nights on either side of it for pre and post parties.


South Padre Island, TX

SPI is one of the most perfect Spring Break 2013 spots, add in four straight days of epic EDM at the Ultimate Music Experience (UME), and it makes it even better.  UME is held at Schlitterbahn water park, on a stage above a wave pool.  2013's event is March 14th-18th.  This gives a really cool feeling of stadium viewing.  Other than the festival there is ALWAYS something going on that Spring Breakers can enjoy.  On the beach and in the clubs it's a constant party.

New York City, NY

March 30th, 2013 A State of Trance invades Madison Square Garden.  With a lineup featuring Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schultz this sold out event is sure to be epic.  Along with ASOT there is the club Pasha.  This is one of the top EDM clubs and always has great musical offerings.


Denver, CO

During March there are three awesome Spring Break parties, one each of the first three weekends.  March 8th-10th is Snowball Music located a few hours outside of Denver in Winter Park.  This three day music festival is held outdoors, so be sure dress warmly.  Despite the cold people party it up to an amazing selection of DJs.  March 16th brings an entire night of Trap at City Hall Ampitheater located a few blocks from downtown Denver.  March 23rd is the most Spring Break celebration Denver as seen in a while, the return of Brainwash.  This foam party is sure to make attendees wet and wild.  During the rest of the month you can dance all night at the country's number 1 club Beta.


Top 5 DJs

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These are my top 5 DJs and a little bit about why they are.

5.  Porter Robinson

     This young DJ captured captured my attention with his complextro beats that never disappoint

4.  Sub Focus

     Sub Focus simultaneously brings his own unique sound while still emulating Daft Punk in sounds such as "Rock It".

3.  Dada Life

     This duo really knows how destroy dance music with their dirty electro beats.

2.  Benny Benassi

     Legend Benny Benassi is not only an awesome producer, as seen in "Satisfaction, he knows how to spin like no other.  His sets are always different and they never disappoint   

1. Daft Punk

    Needing no explanation, these two technotronic robots no doubt rule electronica! 


Siri's Top 5 Music Festivals

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In the past few years I've had the amazing opportunity to attend some of the biggest and best EDM festivals in the US, if not the world.  Out of all these I've compiled my top 5 personal experiences that I want to share with everyone.

5. Noctunal Texas 2011 (Insominac Events)

The Noctunal Festival was usually held in March in southern California.  In September of 2010 Insomniac brought this festival to the small town of Apache Pass, Texas for the first time.  An hour outside of the music mecca of Austin it was the perfect place to through a Texas size massive.  The inaigural year brought several thousand people out.  The line up was AMAZING!!!  Over two days artists included Wolfgang Gartner, Diselboy, ATB, Above & Beyond, Tritonal, Pretty Lights, Kid Cudi, Laidback Luke, and of course the great Armin Van Buuren.  The grounds were open  and the stages massive.  Insomniac put together an awesome experience that I won't soon forget.

4.  Skylab 2012 (Triad Dragons)

Skylab is a Denver massive held at the Coliseum.  The Mission Blackout 2012 line up was outstanding including Zedd, Porter Robinson, and Gareth Emery.  With a set up that included planets on the ceiling and out of this world GoGo dancers from Team EZ, it really took you into space.  All of the DJs killed it on stage and really got the crowd involved.  The memnt that stands out the most from that night is when Zedd had everyone kneel down in order to jump up when the song dropped.

3.  Escape From Wonderland 2011 (Insomniac Events)

2011 was the first year the Insomniac held their Halloween show in San Bernadino, California.  I went VIP and the experience was amazing.  I visited a variety of Halloween themed stages to enjoy the music of ATB, Benny Benassi, R3hab, Markus Schultz, and Dash Berlin.  They also had a haunted house, 3-D maze, and rides set up.  VIP got elevated viewing stands at mainstage, awesome Halloween toys, and unlimited open bar.  Highlight of the night?  Benny Benassi jumping on stage in a Superman costume for his set!!!

2.  Global Dance Festival 2010/2011 (Triad Dragons)

Global Dance is held at Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  I couldn't pick just one year because both the 2010 and 2011 shows were amazing.  Triad always the biggest names to this event.  Over the two years headliners included Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom, Steve Aoki, BT, Manufactured Superstars, Benny Benassi, Dada Life, LMFAO, Gareth Emery, and Empire of the Sun.  There is truly no other venue as unique as Red Rocks and the feel you get there is indescribable.  With one massive main stage and smaller side stages Global is an event everyone should check out at least once. 

1.  Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2011 (Insomniac Events)

EDC has been around for over 10 years but in 2011 they moved the massive festival from its birthplace in LA to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Spanning 3 days with over 200 artists this is the end all be all of events.  It boasts over 30 carnival rides, numerous interactive art exhibits, and 6 stages.  There is no feeling in the world like walking into the venue and being able to look over the entire Motor Speedway and see it taken over by EDM.  It almost feels like you've walked into another home.  All the people there are amazing and the shows are epic.  Every night there were 15 minutes of fireworks that could be seen from across the area.  If you have to pick ONE show to go to your entire life this is it!

However the one thing that all of these have in common is the amazing peole I got to share the experiences with.  The friends may have been different every time, but being with those you are close to just enhances the experience.



Top 5 Things to Bring to a Rave

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So you've decided to go to that awesome show this weekend.  You think you're all ready; ticket bought, outfit laid out, and know your artists' set times.  On the day of the show you walk out the door and pause.  You check off everything in your mind, but wait do you REALLY have everything you'll need?  Here are Prime's top 5 things to bring to a rave:

1.  Chapstick.

     Screaming in your friends' ears all night will dry out your lips quickly.  Bring chapstick to prevent this and keep your lips soft all night.

2.  Make sure your cell phone is charged.

     Bringing your phone is obvious, but it's vital to ensure that it's fully charged.  A half battery may seem like plenty, but remember you won't just be calling your group.  Sometimes calls won't go though and text will take forever to send draining your battery.  You'll be taking pictures and videos giving your phone an even shorter life.

3. Gum

    Not only does it keep your breath fresh, it also gives you a great ice breaker to talk with that hottie.

4.  Cash

     Not all vendors take plastic and ATM fees at events are outrageous.  Save yourself the hassle, and some money, by pulling out cash before hand.  While it sucks to lose some cash, losing your card at a massive would be even worse.

5.  Cigarettes (optional)

     Sometimes you just need a break from the music and heading to the smoking area can offer a nice break.  A quick cigarette (preferably a menthol) can energize you for more dancing.

Bringing these things to a rave can make your night even better.