My Burning Man )'(

Written by Alisha. Posted in News Feed

The time is getting closer when about 60,000 people migrate to the Black Rock desert in Nevada for Burning Man. The place where anyone can go to ecape the default world and just be free. The theme for this year's Buring Man is Caravansary, in which the desert will be turned into a oasis, with carpets and tents around the man, who will be on the ground this year.  

I attended Burning Man 2012 Fertility for my first time. When I went there I had the intention of partying non-stop, but to my surprise I ended up finding myself.  As the week progressed, the many walls I arrived there with were broken down by all the friendly loving souls, smiles, and open arms.  As I bicycled my way through all the art and the camps (with the occasional dance breaks to amazing dj's throwing down tasteful and amazing music) I finally learned to smile, cry, and just let go.

People ask me about it and I try to explain it the best I can.  I always just end up saying it's what you make of it and, you're just going to have to see it with your own eyes and heart. Everyone that has gone has a different story to tell from their experience, a different vision. 

This year I'm going back without any expectations and just going to let things fall into place.  The Man burns on the 30th exuding energy, love, beauty, and emotions.  You must be warned, THIS IS NOT A FESTIVAL, it's a awakening.  Hope to meet some  of you on the playa getting dusty and pouring our hearts out on the dance "floors".

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